Flower Essences for your Pets

Flower Remedies for your animal friends

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Our pets

The emotional needs of pets are often overlooked or simply not realised. Horses, dogs and cats are sensitive and intuitive creatures as no doubt are other animal varieties. Those animals we share our lives with often experience similar emotional states that we do such as love, trust, abandonment, fear, anxiety and grief.

Your own state of mind is important when you are around your pets – you would be surprised how much they pick up and reflect from your attitude. At times you may find that it may be your own attitude that needs changing rather than theirs and you may both find it beneficial to take flower essences.

Long-term fear or emotional stress depletes vitality and lowers immunity and resistance, and therefore a happy pet is usually more resistant to infections and illness. General behaviour, performance and health all benefit by improving the emotional wellbeing of your pets along with patience, care and understanding, helping them to be happy, calm, and willing to communicate and be trusting. A confident, happy horse is less likely to injure itself; a contented pet will be less grumpy or attention-seeking.

Just like humans our pets’ needs are simple – they love to be loved and will love you in return. Their disposition is determined by their life experiences as well as by their family lineage in the same way as it is for people. Respect for pets allows them to feel safe and therefore have more trust in humans and in themselves. 

Pets and Flower Essences

Flower Essences are vibrational medicines which are non-physical in nature and therefore non-toxic. They help maintain health and fitness by keeping your pets emotionally balanced and calm.

Pets respond well to Flower Essence Remedies and results can often be seen within a few days. Although they are not a substitute for veterinary care they do support their emotional and physical healing process – and can safely be used in conjunction with other forms of medication and therapies.

At times when both animals and their owner / trainer are experiencing emotional upheaval or challenges it may be recommended that both parties take remedial essences. I prepare Personal blends in the same way for pets as I do for an individual person – by intuitively tuning into their energies.

To help me tune into your pet to allow me to choose appropriate combinations it would be helpful to receive a few details to work with such as your pet’s name, a brief description of symptoms, and any relevant environmental situations to assist with this.

Non-alcoholic Essence combinations and Personal flower essence blends are now available prepared with Colloidal Silver.   Please let me know if this is your preference when placing your order.

All Flower Essence remedies can safely be taken alongside other medications and therapies to support the healing process.

Calming Essence Suitable for you and your pets

 Animals easily absorb energies so respond greatly to situations of trauma, shock, stress or emergency medical situations.  These situations can result in fear, panic or other adrenalised states, hindering an animal’s ability to receive the full benefits of healing support. 

 This essence blend is very useful in situations where there may be some form of crisis, trauma, shock or accident.   It is also for general calming or soothing.  It assists your pets to be less reactive in situations when they appear to be anxious, unsettled or jumpy.   Separation anxiety is a situation where this essence blend would be useful.  Thunderstorms frighten many animals and Calming Essence given at the first rumble can assist greatly with calming them.


Courage Remedy For horses and other pets

This essence helps to promote self confidence in animals that are nervous and insecure. They may be anxious about their relationships with
their human caretakers or with other animals they live with.

 This blend helps your pets overcome fear and gain confidence, promoting strength and courage.  It is calming and helps easing sensitivity.

A Testimonial – I decided to ask Solara to do some healing on our horse Ecka. He had been hurt by a farrier some time ago and he had changed from this incident. He became stand-offish and untrusting.  His body was now more tense than ever. He was still loyal and kind but I knew he needed emotional healing.  

Over three days Solara remotely sent a blend of flower essence remedies via radionics, which is a very gentle way of helping the horse release stored emotions from trauma within the mind, body and spirit. 

Whilst in the paddock, Ecka began to deeply relax. His muscles softened and his face relaxed. The muscles behind the occiput (the poll) relaxed and he began to be calmer within himself. Whilst handling him now he is more accepting and peaceful. I sense he feels heard and can start a new chapter.

With much appreciation to Solara  (Melissa, Melbourne)

 Colon Cleanse Remedy Colon Cleanse is for the whole family and their pets.

This combination of Essences acts as a tonic for the organs of the lower body, assisting with detoxifying the intestines.  It has been known to assist with ridding the system of invasive worms and parasites within the intestines, pancreas or duodenum.  It also assists in improving digestion and reducing acidity in the stomach and urine.  

Major components of the body’s immune system are located in the lining of the small intestines, and the body can most effectively heal and repair itself when its processes are supported naturally.  This combination of flower essence remedies that assist in gently keeping both you and your pets free of most worms and parasites. 


Flexibility & Focus Remedy For horses and other pets

This essence blend is for horses and animals that are highly strung or over-sensitive to what is going on around them.  It is for calming impatient, over-excited horses and animals and easing stubbornness and resistance to co-operation.  It helps promote gentleness, focus, and a more flexible attitude.

This essence helps soften an animal’s attitudes and fixed ideas. It eases sensitivity and brings balance to mind and emotions. It helps clear the aura, stabilising and transmuting any dysfunctional energy located within the body.

Hostility Remedy For horses and other pets

This is a blend for building trust where there may have been past abuse or trauma resulting in loss of trust in humans or other animals.

It addresses issues of aggression, outbursts of violent, or inappropriate behaviours that are out of character or unacceptable; e.g. a horse that lashes out or bite, or a pet bird that tends to be nippy.

This essence eases an animal’s feelings of vulnerability which causes them to react in a prickly, snappy manner. It assists them with feelings of safer boundaries thus allowing for more gentleness. 

 Transition Essence  –  Suitable for you and your pets

This essence blend is for assisting your pets to adjust to new or changed environments as well as easing emotional attachments to say a previous owner, or another animal that is no longer present.

 It is for supporting major life transitions of all kinds including preparing to depart from life.  It eases feelings of confusion or turmoil within, removing fear and anguish.


Trust Remedy Suitable for you and your pets

This essence blend is for establishing trust in their owner /trainer’s guidance and authority – particularly with horses.  This could be in situations where an animal has a new owner or trainer. It is also for strengthening trust in the animal’s own self-worth.

 Vitality Remedy –  For horses and other pets

 For animals that appear to be dull, lethargic, or lacking interest.  An animal’s emotions and moods can sometimes vary just like those of humans, depending on what’s been happening around them. 

This essence offers support for the health and vitality of the immune system.  It helps bring renewed enthusiasm and interest in life as it uplifts their energies.

 Digestive Well-Being Remedy Suitable for you and your pets

For use when there appears to be digestive symptoms such as poor appetite, stomach discomfort poor appetite, stomach discomfort or colic, soft or loose stools, or vomiting. 

* In situations where there appears to be much discomfort Digestive Well-Being can be given as frequently as every 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes and can be tapered off as symptoms begin to settle. 

Once symptoms appear to have settled it is suggested they continue to be used once or twice a day for a minimum of 2 weeks. If symptoms have been present long-term then it may be necessary for this combination to be continued for longer periods.

 For horses showing any of the following Serious Symptoms your vet should be consulted: Rolling uneasily ; Kicking at the belly ; Turning of the Head to the belly ; No digestive sounds ; Excessive sweating ; Pawing at the Ground ; Repeatedly lying down and standing up ; Straining to pass manure, without passing any.


Grief Support Essence Suitable for you and your pets

This essence blend can be used when an animal (or person) is pining or grieving over the loss of another.  This could be regarding the loss of other animals or people. Grief and loss are part of life for both humans and animals, and this remedy will help them adjust and more easily move through emotions associated with grief.

It is helpful also to use when a pet is left in the care of other people for a time. Can be added to their water or given directly into the mouth.


Harmony Remedy For horses and other pets

This essence blend is useful to promote harmony between yourself and your pet, and to assist them to live harmoniously in any community of animals.

This remedy is also useful for animals that may have suffered some kind of neglect earlier in life. These animals may be needy, have a fear of abandonment
or of missing out which can result in jealousy or greed with food. 

This essence gently eases painful emotions and fears held within, allowing more love and trust to grow.