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Our pets

The emotional needs of pets are often overlooked or simply not realised. Horses, dogs and cats are sensitive and intuitive creatures as no doubt are other animal varieties. Those animals we share our lives with often experience similar emotional states that we do such as love, trust, abandonment, fear, anxiety and grief.

Your own state of mind is important when you are around your pets – you would be surprised how much they pick up and reflect from your attitude. At times you may find that it may be your own attitude that needs changing rather than theirs and you may both find it beneficial to take flower essences.

Long-term fear or emotional stress depletes vitality and lowers immunity and resistance, and therefore a happy pet is usually more resistant to infections and illness. General behaviour, performance and health all benefit by improving the emotional wellbeing of your pets along with patience, care and understanding, helping them to be happy, calm, and willing to communicate and be trusting. A confident, happy horse is less likely to injure itself; a contented pet will be less grumpy or attention-seeking.

Just like humans our pets’ needs are simple – they love to be loved and will love you in return. Their disposition is determined by their life experiences as well as by their family lineage in the same way as it is for people. Respect for pets allows them to feel safe and therefore have more trust in humans and in themselves. 

Pets and Flower Essences

Flower Essences are vibrational medicines which are non-physical in nature and therefore non-toxic. They help maintain health and fitness by keeping your pets emotionally balanced and calm.

Pets respond well to Flower Essence Remedies and results can often be seen within a few days. Although they are not a substitute for veterinary care they do support their emotional and physical healing process – and can safely be used in conjunction with other forms of medication and therapies.

At times when both animals and their owner / trainer are experiencing emotional upheaval or challenges it may be recommended that both parties take remedial essences. I prepare Personal blends in the same way for pets as I do for an individual person – by intuitively tuning into their energies.

To help me tune into your pet to allow me to choose appropriate combinations it would be helpful to receive a few details to work with such as your pet’s name, a brief description of symptoms, and any relevant environmental situations to assist with this.

Non-alcoholic Essence combinations and Personal flower essence blends are now available. These are prepared in a Red Shiso herbal stabilizer (a member of the mint family) which is prepared by Green Hope Farm in the U.S.A. Please let me know if this is your preference when placing your order.

All Flower Essence remedies can safely be taken alongside other medications to support the healing process.