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Blue Water Lily Flower Essence

(Nymphaea nouchali)


The Blue Water Lily Flower Essence was prepared with an Aquamarine Crystal

Healing Properties
* Awakening to sacredness within the self and in all life forms
* Strength, clarity and calm when around tumultuous emotions

(The Blue Water Lily speaks) As the raindrops fall, overall there is rejoicing. Water is a sacred gift upon the Earth and I am blessed to live upon it

These were the first words the Blue Water Lily gave to me, expressing that humanity has forgotten the sacredness and blessedness of water – that which we cannot live without.

The Blue Water Lily Flower Essence offers the gift of awakening not only to the sacredness of water, but to all aspects of life upon Earth. This awakening thus opens you to the sacredness within the self; that of the body, mind, the spirit and the soul. The gift of life within you and the gifts of life all around you that form this wondrous planet, are brought to Light by ingesting the Blue Water Lily flower essence.

The Blue Water Lily Flower Essence calms the mind and the emotions, especially where there is turmoil or disruptive energies around. It would therefore also be useful to use in an oil burner or in the form of a room spray to calm the emotions amongst family members or within groups of people at meetings or gatherings where there may be disagreement, anger or upset. In keeping the energies calm, it allows for openness and clarity to finding solutions.

The Doctrine of Signatures of this flower are related to how it stands strong and tall with its leaves floating on the water. Water is related to the emotions and these lilies are found mostly in ponds of tranquil waters. This tranquillity is transferred into the flower essence.

I calmly remain in my Divine inner power at all times
I acknowledge the sacred gifts of life within myself and all of creation

Aquamarine * Is of the water element * Known as a “stone of courage” * Attunes to more spiritual levels of awareness * Calms frazzled nerves and assists with any imbalances to do with the nervous system * Aligns chakras and connection of physical & ethereal bodies * Assists with taking responsibility for one’s actions & brings order when “swamped” by responsibilities

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