(Calendula officinalis)



* Releasing karmic irritations and wounds

* Healing relationships

* Clarity in decision-making


Calendula draws out inner irritations which will often present as itching, eczema, dermatitis, or other similar symptoms on the body surface. These irritations may be karmic or of this lifetime.

Calendula has the ability to allow healing and forgiveness to take place within relationships connected karmically.

This essence is also for those who carry karmic wounds that may have manifested again in some form in this lifetime. Calendula has a soothing effect and the ability to heal past wounds carried within the etheric body, where all memories are stored. You may have lost a limb or have been fatally wounded in a past life and Calendula will help soothe and heal these wounds, the vibrations of which are also held within body tissues.

Whilst taking this essence you may find memories of past experiences or visualisations arising in the dream state or in meditations. These memories should be observed and then released with love and thanks for the learning experience. Some experiences may be observed that are still present in your life and these will need to be dealt with before you can move on.

Calendula is also for allowing the wisdom of the inner self to rise to the surface so that clarity prevails in situations where major decisions need to be made; the “winds of change” arising from within.


I release all irritations and wounds from the past with love, and gratitude

I forgive and release karmic connections between myself and …….

My inner wisdom guides me

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