Christmas Bush Flower Essence

(Ceratopetalum gummiferum)


Christmas Bush is an Australian Native flower

The Christmas Bush Flower Essence was prepared with a Yellow Fluorite Crystal

Healing Properties
* Embracing the awakening of your inner Divine consciousness
* Connecting with the passion of your inner gifts and talents

(The Christmas Bush speaks) I am the energy of ever-changing planetary visions. I have the power to assist in the evolution of the mind and the upliftment of energies to create peace and equilibrium, and for the creation of a new consciousness towards these ends

The Christmas Bush Flower Essence paves the way for the unlocking and releasing of generations of old mind-sets and beliefs that have filtered down through rulers and religions of the past. This marks the beginning of a new, expansive and more flexible way of being, thinking and doing; and of the honouring of self and of taking personal responsibility within one’s life, and in the world.

This flower essence assists in the awakening the Divine Consciousness within. It is no longer pertinent for us to be honouring outside of ourselves, but rather that we honour our inner selves, and the gifts we bring to the world.

Christmas Bush is an Australian native tree which has an aura of peace and tranquillity. It flowers at Christmas time in Australia, providing splashes of pink and red colour, and is mainly found along the NSW coastal regions. This essence was made on Christmas day in the midst of family celebrations.

The Christmas season is not just about remembering the birth of a Babe, it is a time for celebrating with family, friends and loved ones. It is a time to remember your Divine birthright regarding creating Peace and Love on Earth, and goodwill to all.  We all carry within us that which is known as the Christ Consciousness, being Unity consciousness reflecting the ONEness of All That Is.

The words Christ Consciousness refers to the immortal unified field of consciousness. So when referring to this we refer to the alignment of your human consciousness with Divinity. Therefore the teachings brought through by all Masters of expanded consciousness such as Buddha, Krishna & Mohammed who walked the Earth long ago, also come under the umbrella of Christ Consciousness. Each of these teachers brought with them the Divine love of our Creator, as do each of us.

The Christmas Bush flower essence assists in creating a more balanced mind, body and soul consciousness, allowing you to by-pass the activities of the mind in a more expansive and creative capacity, so as to be more in alignment with your Soul.  

“To embrace the new born Christ within is to magnify the light on earth, and we are instrumental in the force for evolving the planet in a Christed way. If we do not magnify our inner Christ energies we remain in darkness and our gifts and talents are not nourished in the same way.” **

The flowers used for this essence were actually the calyxes that support tiny white flowers which quickly drop to the ground, leaving the calyxes to grow larger and change colour from pink to red.

The Doctrine of Signatures show the 5 sepals of the calyxes resembling an open hand held in a supporting manner. In this case the “hand” holds within it the energy of Divinity (Christ Consciousness) which resides within each and every person but is yet to be awakened in many. The opening of gifts at Christmas resembles the sharing of your special inner gifts and creativity that you have to share with the world. Other cultures may offer this sharing at different times of the year depending on various customs.

As I was meditating with this tree I was presented with the presence of two spiders whose energies felt important to the properties of this essence. One was the beautiful St. Andrews Cross spider presenting an ‘X’ shape hanging within a web between the branches. St. Andrew was known to be the first disciple of Jesus, so its energy was seemingly relevant to the energies of this flower essence.

The other spider came twice to visit me on the arm of the chair on which I sat, seemingly to catch my awareness. Spider energy brings in the consciousness of the universal web of life. It holds the key to inter-connectedness, creativity and expansiveness without limitation. As a totem, the spider teaches us to maintain balance between past and future; physical and spiritual; male and female. It teaches that everything you now do is weaving what you will encounter in the future.

Another energy that was available within the tree was that of a nest of native bees busily collecting nectar and creating an unclad waxy nest hanging in the branches. As a totem the bee is a reminder that we need to enjoy life’s labours and activities, and that being active is more productive and sweeter if we take the time to enjoy them.

I embrace the Christ light within me, “unwrapping” my inner gifts and talents to present to the world

Fluorite: Stabilises & produces order within the mental, physical, emotional & spiritual systems * Brings order to chaos * Increases concentration, balancing positive & negative relationships of the mind * Enhances creativity & provides support with intellectual pursuits * Stabilises group energies * Assists in recognising the connective structure of love among & between all that exists.

** Reference Burchardt, Angela (2006) Christmas Eve Address (

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