Crepe Myrtle

(Lagerstroema indica)


This flower essence was prepared with a Smoky Quartz crystal

Balancing masculine/feminine within
Strength, courage and joyful ONEness
Creativity and urge to move forward in life

“I move forward, clearing a path before me wherever I go. I gather strength and courage as I go. As a rolling snowball gathers snow, I gather what I need. I now trust that knowledge and insight are available to me, and I no longer look back allowing fear and doubt to get in my way.” (The Crepe Myrtle speaks)

The flowers used for this essence were a mauve colour, and its doctrine of signatures is that of being determined to grow wherever it wants to, shooting new growths into many directions. A small group of people sat with the plant to receive its healing properties and these have been combined here.

The Crepe Myrtle flower essence carries within it the power of Unity; an at-ONEness with self and the universal ONEness with God/Goddess. It brings forth the energy of dancing with joy & exuberance.

Crepe Myrtle provides a gentle feminine energy of strength and grace, balanced by masculine energies of strength and courage. These energies therefore provide balanced support to over-sensitivity and vulnerability during times of emotional upheaval.

This flower essence provides a clearing and strengthening of the spine and nervous system. It induces clarity of mind and increased energy. Crepe Myrtle has a balancing and strengthening influence on the Adrenal Glands and Gonads, as well as on the Solar Plexus and Crown Chakras.

Following is a delightful little ditty that was also brought through from the Deva of the Crepe Myrtle:

Apples in the apple cart!
I love you and open my heart
The joys of life do overflow
Into the light of love I go
Dance with me, dance with me
Like a puppy does, prance with me

I move forward with joyful trust, courage and strength; in ONEness with myself and the Universe

Smokey Quartz Aids in dissolving negative energies and emotional blockages * Allows worries to be set aside, and clears the mental channels * Balances Yin-Yang * Grounding * Creates a protective barrier of energies around a person.


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