Depression Flower Essence


Depression Flower Essence

Healing Properties
* Easing Depression and Anxiety
* Courage, strength and perseverance
* Calming during despair
* Healing wounds of the heart
* Upliftment of the spirit within

Depression Flower Essence is a unique blend of flower essences for assisting in easing depression, grief and anxiety.  It offers strength and resilience for those times in life when you may be feeling battered and blown about by life’s tumultuous happenings.

Depression flower essence offers hope and healing of inner wounds held deep within the heart, calming the mind and emotions. It is nurturing, while at the same time offering strength in times when you may be feeling low in energy. It helps bring ease and grace to help carry you through life’s struggles.

This flower essence blend is also for people who may be in crisis, allowing a person to step back from their situation and breathe a little easier whilst gaining clarity.

Depression Flower Essence offers support and strength, helping you to retrieve your inner survival skills – which are your birthright and can be accessed from within you. It engenders courage and confidence to continue on where before you may have felt ready to give up.

Depression flower essence assists to lift one’s spirits, reminding you to recognise your own magnificence within the family of humanity.

I have the courage and strength to move forward with clarity
I am calm and uplifted

The energies of several crystals are included within this blend to enhance the healing properties

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