English Rose Flower Essence

(Rosa “Heritage”)


The English Rose Flower Essence was prepared with a Bloodstone crystal

Healing Properties
* Feeling nurtured and loved so as to allow grieving
* Offers hope, serenity and peace
* Eases seasons changeovers (S.A.D.)
* Eases Generalised Anxiety Disorder (G.A.D.)

The English Rose Flower Essence is a beautiful pink rose with the nurturing energies of Mother Mary around it. It is for feeling nurtured and loved when emotions feel “stuck” and you are unable to let go to grieve or release the tears.

We are all One Spirit
We are all One Force
We are all One Love
Love conquers all when we trust ~ absolute trust
(Received by Trish Young)

This flower essence assists with opening of the heart. Like a flower unfolding, it instills trust, enabling love to flow. It instills the essences of hope, serenity and peace with a spark of delight. As you begin to trust and enfold yourself in these energies, so will you automatically begin to share them with others and you will find that they return to you magnified.

As with life there is birth in the form of a bud which, as it matures, grows and opens to full maturity. Gradually with time its life begins to fade and die. The English Rose flower essence assists with easing through the integration and transition from one season into another, as well as instilling a gentle acceptance of the ebb and flow of life from birth, through maturity and ageing to the ending of the cycle of life. It helps dispel fears and regrets of times gone by as well as easing G.A.D. (Generalised Anxiety Disorder).

The English Rose flower essence is for embracing life fully, with acceptance and acknowledgement of your life’s choices. It is for being accepting of other people’s freedom to choose, as well as your own, for it is in fully embracing your own experiences that one learns best. There are no wrong or right choices, they are just different experiences. If one choice turns out to be unsuitable you have only to choose another. You have the free will to do so.

I love myself and allow my grief to be released
I accept life’s transition through time, and choices made without regret

Bloodstone Is a “stone of courage” * Revitalises love, relationships & friendships * Centring & grounding the heart * Living in the Now * Balancing physical, mental & emotional bodies * Balances the base, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras * Balances the Spleen

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