Foxglove Flower Essence

(Digitalis purpurea)


The Foxglove Flower Essence was prepared with a Lapis Lazuli crystal

Healing Properties
* Embracing the wisdom of the inner self with love and honouring
* Defining the nature of your inner power
* Engendering Hope and courage

(The Foxglove speaks) “In the taking back of your personal power let there be peace joy, and abundance within the lives of each human in all areas of their lives. So do these bells toll!”

The Foxglove Flower Essence releases nurturing feelings of love and safety. The plant itself appeared to stand stronger in its energy after surrendering its gift of flowers for the universal healing of Planet Earth’s caretakers (humanity) through this flower essence.

The Foxglove Flower Essence offers an energy of commitment to self; a pledging of love and honour to oneself, as well as celebrating the joy and beauty of self. It assists with discarding fears that create self-doubt or criticism.

The flowers used for this essence were white with splashes of indigo on the inner lips. The bell-shaped flowers appeared to represent the ringing out of messages of love and spiritual awakenings. This flower essence brings hope and courage for humanity, assisting people to take back their personal power from those who lead and manipulate the masses.

The Doctrine of Signatures shows the splashes of indigo in the centre of each of the bell-shaped flowers also could appear to represent the opening of the Third Eye so that one can “see” the truth and glory of the self. Humanity has been created in the image of God/Creator, so let us take responsibility for being of His/Her essence.

Foxglove Flower Essence activates the crown chakra through the white colour of the flowers assisting in the connection with your Higher Self or inner wisdom.

The shape of each individual flower could be seen to resemble an ear opening up so as to hear the wisdom and truth that lies within, and unlocking old beliefs that may have prevented you from listening to your inner wisdom.

The colour red was seen within the Foxglove’s energies, thus vitalising the energy of the Base Chakra, and engendering courage and strength to stand in your own power.

This Flower Essence offers support and a sense of safety whilst you move forward into a new phase in life. It assists in the freeing up of out-dated burdens of “baggage” with calm wisdom and inner peace – and with gratitude for lessons learnt.

The Foxglove flower essence engenders clarity of vision to perceive one’s world differently by allowing the inner voice to prevail so as to open to renewed personal creativity.

You will find peace and calm within the wisdom of the inner self, and this flower essence will assist in taking you there.

I find peace, calm and freedom as I embrace the wisdom of my Inner Self
As I am loved by God/Goddess Source, I love myself equally

Lapis Lazuli: A “Stone of total awareness” – helping expand awareness & intellectual capacity * Provides objectivity, clarity & mental endurance during release of emotional bondage * Helps diminish locked in, smouldering memories which lead to dis-ease* Helps overcome depression & enhances states of serenity & self-acceptance * For disorders of throat, bone marrow, thymus & immune system * Assists in balancing male-female attributes, and yin-yang energies of this plane.

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