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Grevillea Flower Essence

(PROTEACEA Grevillea Coconut Ice)


Grevillea is an Australian Native flower

Grevillea Flower Essence was prepared with a Rose Quartz crystal

Healing Properties
* Joy and playfulness
* Tranquility and balance
* Courage, strength and perseverance
* Embracing your inner beauty and magnificence

The nature of the Grevillea Flower Essence is sunny, joyful and playful. As an essence it is for bringing joy and play into one’s life where these have been hidden due to the seriousness of life. It helps one remember that life is a journey of experiences to be enjoyed, not laboured. It lifts one’s spirits, allowing the inner child to play once more.

The nature of the Grevillea tree’s energies are gracious and feminine in nature and just by being in its presence one can feel tranquil, peaceful and balanced. As a flower essence it offers these attributes at an even deeper level, also offering patience in times of imminent changes, allowing one to slow down, observe and re-assess what they may be wanting to change in their life.

The Doctrine of Signatures of the Grevillea Flower were seen in many aspects of the flower and of the tree itself. Strength and perseverance that the flower essence offers can be seen in the way the tree is strongly rooted. The buds are protected within a hard outer casing, reflecting the way a person may have created a hard outer layer around themselves protecting their vulnerable inner nature from being hurt. The Grevillea Flower Essence helps to trust your inner knowing that you are in control of your life and that you are protected at all times. It amplifies the inner strength and perseverance that you already possess.

The Grevillea tree is showy and seemingly offers promise and self-reliance with its abundance of leaves and flowers. You cannot however, easily see what’s beneath the outer growth. This aspect of the Grevillea Flower Essence helps us to remember that we cannot know what lies within another person; beneath the surface of how they present themselves to the outer world. We cannot know the history of life experiences that have shaped a person’s character. Therefore we do not have the right to judge another for their life choices, for we cannot know their innermost traits.

As we journey along our paths of life experiences, we continue to gain knowledge and raise our consciousness step-by-step. This process is reflected in the way each separate flower petal begins its existence as being tightly curled inwards, and then slowly unfurls – as do we at different stages of our lives. A showy, bright red stylus extends from within each of these flower parts creating a beautiful, soft, velvety texture to the whole flower. The Grevillea Flower Essence will assist you in finding the courage to show the world more fully your soft inner beauty and magnificence and to become more aligned with the oneness of creation.

Joy and playfulness fills me as I step into my personal power and embrace my inner beauty and magnificence

Rose Quartz can be used for spiritual attunement to the energy of love * It enhances self confidence and creativity * Aids in the development of forgiveness, compassion and love

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