Indian Coral Tree Flower Essence

(Erythrina indica)


Indian Coral Tree Flower Essence was prepared with a Smoky Quartz crystal

Healing Properties
* Stepping aside from turmoil and challenges with clarity
* Healing “bruised” relationships
* Trusting personal judgement

The Indian Coral Tree Flower Essence allows you to gently step aside from turmoil or difficult challenges within your life. This allows clarity to prevail enabling you to see your situations from a different light or point of view. When you are caught up within the turmoil of a situation, things appear differently than when you are able to stand back and see the bigger picture.

The Indian Coral Tree Flower Essence assists with looking at the difficult challenges in your life in a more positive light. Life is not meant to be a struggle, but a gentle process of learning, releasing old ways of thinking and being and then progressing.The bright red flowers present a vibrancy of renewed energy as these difficult times pass by to leave you with renewed growth and awareness. This flower essence helps you TRUST this process and not to get caught up in thoughts of fear or negativity.

The Indian Coral Tree Flower Essence assists with healing any past “bruising”, thus allowing relationships to become closer rather than feeling the need to protect each other from further hurt by isolation. It allows your special uniqueness to blossom as it feels safer to experience the more vulnerable, inner soft parts of yourself.

This deciduous tree lights up in late winter with an abundance of brilliant red pea-shaped flowers. These appear individually in clusters to form one whole flower on the tips of branches. The leaves begin to form on the tree as the flowers finish.

I saw the Doctrine of Signatures of the individual pea-shaped flowers as representing individual human beings, yet the clusters of them representing how we are not alone. We are each but one aspect of the whole of humanity – and All That Is – united as One in Consciousness, living together in families and in communities – and being supported by God/Great Spirit/Source of All Life.

I TRUST that I am fully supported and loved, and I embrace the process of my challenges
I acknowledge my uniqueness and I am not afraid to love or be loved

Smoky Quartz – Aids in dissolving negative energies and emotional blockages * Allows worries to be set aside, and clear the mental channels * Balances Yin-Yang * Grounding * Creates a protective barrier of energies around a person.

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