Purple Butterfly Orchid

(Dendrobium phalaenopsis)


This essence was made in the Tao Gardens near Chiang Mai, Thailand

Remembering your Spiritual connections
Dissolving Karmic energy blocks and limitations


This essence is for dissolving energy blocks within – deep-seated karmic blocks that may have been carried through many incarnations. These may have manifested as irritations within the physical body.

Purple Butterfly Orchid will help unlock knowledge within to assist with changing those aspects of your life that are creating irritations. By looking into your heart to see what is at the core of the problem you are more able to move through and release these energy blocks.

It aids in the ability to focus in meditation allowing knowledge and guidance to come through, free from distractions of the physical world around you.

The Purple Butterfly Orchid acts on the crown and the heart chakras, connecting the two so that knowledge comes through with unconditional love and compassion. It also acts on the Pituitary Gland, allowing one’s inner vision to strengthen.



I receive knowledge and guidance from within, with focus and clarity

I move through old energy blocks, gaining new understandings

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