Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow Flower Essence

(Brunfelsia latifolia)


The Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow (Brunfelsia latifolia) Flower Essence was prepared with a Moonstone crystal

Healing Properties
* Transforming the cellular body
* Slowing the ageing process
* Confidence & inner joy

(The flower speaks) “Yesterday is gone and all of your experiences are embodied within the beauty of who you are today.  Tomorrow brings with it renewal”

Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow Flower Essence offers energies of transformation within the cellular structures of the body by persuading/allowing the cells to believe/know that they are whole and healthy, thus offering the possibility of slowing down the ageing process.  Brunfelsia flower essence offers vibrancy and shimmering Light to fill the cells, releasing any darkness or imbalances from times gone by – trust and allow it to be so!

I was asked by the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara to prepare a remedy to assist with the misunderstandings and fear surrounding ageing and death.  I was shown that Brunfelsia would be the flower essence to bring this through. One year later I prepared this essence.

While this flower essence was being prepared there was a very strong wind blowing which I related to the “winds of change”.  The energies of the planet are changing along with humanity as they experience these times with the COVID pandemic.  These changes are challenging humanity’s very existence as we have known it for centuries.  Many people are being faced with the fear of death and/or living with the uncertainty of what lies ahead in their tomorrows.

The Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow Flower Essence remedy was placed in the light of the full moon to assist with letting go of hidden secrets and old wounds.  This Aries full moon demanded we find the balance and partnership of the masculine/feminine within and without.

The Botanical name for this plant is Brunfelsia. The “common” name that is given to this plant reflects it’s Doctrine of Signatures which reflect the cycles of life on Earth.  The various cycles of the flowers are shown as they evolve by changing colour from vibrant mauve through to white, and eventually seeding to bring forth new life.  These changes reflect the earthly cycles of Life, death and rebirth.

This flower essence remedy is for assisting with slowing the process of ageing the cells within. Confidence and inner joy are incubated in this process, allowing transformation to occur.  Speak with Love to your body & cells and give thanks for all that they do for you.  Being in gratitude for all that is in your life helps keep fear at bay.  These flowers ask that you do not fear ageing, as maturity can offer many wonderful experiences.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of our own magnificence.  Courage and inner strength are yours to behold.  By remaining in each NOW moment we can choose to stay positive and not connect with the fear that is being dictated via media and governments globally.

In the beginning of times of old there was the knowledge that ageing and death were choices, not necessarily inevitable. In the days of tomorrow humanity may learn to understand ageing and death in a different light.  We are powerful co-creators with the ability to self balance, and once again we may have choices to live longer, leaving those old ingrained belief patterns behind as we take charge of our bodies.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience in a physical body.  We each came into this world as a spark of Divine light, carrying enough potential to make a difference in our world. We are created in Love and are held in Love by Source.

In today’s world we are again aiming to create humanity’s original blueprint of peace, compassion and gratitude. Heavy, dense energies are being purged from the planet whilst our cellular structures are being transformed and uplifted so as to bypass fear. All around us we are beginning to see old structures surfacing to be transformed and released.  This is part of the Divine Plan so that we again we may understand the truth of who we are.

I am the Light, I am the Love, I am whole and at peace
I embrace all aspects of my life with gratitude and love

Balancing, introspective, Reflective, Lunar * Relates to “new beginnings” * Acknowledging  the up & down cycles of life * For feeling & understanding via intuition rather than intellectualising * Cleansing negativity from chakras; enhancing feminine aspects of one’s nature * Arousing tenderness within the self * Providing connection between physical, emotional & intellectual bodies * Enhancing assimilation of nutrients to assist in elimination of toxins & to treat disorders of digestive & elimination systems

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