Zygocactus Flower Essence

(Schlumbergera truncata)


The Zygocactus Flower Essence was prepared with Clear Quartz and Smoky Quartz crystals

Healing Properties
* Accessing the essence of your Soul
* Renewal of ideas and energies
* Clearing your inner “slate” to create new horizons

The Zygocactus Flower Essence is for strengthening your resolve to continue the journey you set out to do before entering this incarnation. It is a Winter flower, and Winter is a time for reflection and integration of all that’s been happening during the warmer months. It’s also a time for going within to seek what lies hidden beneath the outer activities of daily life. It is for renewal of ideas and for letting go of old ones, so as to begin preparing for re-birthing in the Spring.

The Zygocactus Flower Essence was made over three nights during the full moon, drawing in the feminine aspects of Lunar’s energies. These energies allow you to connect with your intuitive instincts including deep aspects of acceptance and understanding within yourself, as well as of all peoples regardless of race, religion or beliefs.

The process of making the Zygocactus flower essence in the moonlight and then in the dark during the day was a reversal of the usual cycle of daylight and night. It was prepared in this way so as to allow for accessing the unconscious (moonlight) within, by placing the conscious mind (daylight) into the background.

The information on the Zygocactus Flower Essence was difficult to grasp and took some time over a few weeks to come together with clarity. It felt as if there was a slow, gentle energy with it that showed itself in the flower essence making over the 3 days, as well as in receiving of the information. This is a reflection of the way this flower essence works. Because it works so deeply, the process needs to be slow and gentle so as not to send people spinning as it helps break through their resistances.

Zygocactus Flower Essence is for reaching into the inner depths of your Soul Essence. It has a cleansing/clearing action for moving old energies that may have remained within your physical and energetic bodies from past experiences down through generations of time. This process of releasing could be likened to effervescent bubbles gently rising upwards and letting go so as to allow possibilities for your deepest desires for the next phase of your journey to surface. It is for clearing the way towards new horizons.

The Doctrine of Signatures lies within the deep pink colour of the flower, representing the depth of love that lies within your Soul. When this deep love within you is embraced fully, it extends out to those around you, and to the whole of the universe. The flowers are elongated and hang downwards, as if reaching down to the depths of this love; that spark of Divine love of Source/God. The pollen on the tips of each of the stamen scatters at the slightest touch, like the “scattering” of your personal essence as your energies touch others around you.

These are times for letting go of old out-dated beliefs, contracts, vows and agreements – for “clearing the slate” and creating anew for ourselves. Only then can we step forward to make new choices that will allow us to fully achieve well-balanced, joyful and fulfilling lives, not only for ourselves, but also for this world we live in.

Zygocactus Flower Essence has the ability to assist us in the last stages of purging of our physical and energetic bodies so as to continue our journey towards the Light, returning to the understanding and acceptance of true Divine love.

I am creating new beginnings

Clear Quartz – Is an emotional balancer * Stimulates brain functions and amplifies thought forms * Receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy * Enhances inter-dimensional communication and communication with Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

Smoky Quartz – Aids in dissolving negative energies and emotional blockages * Allows worries to be set aside, and clear the mental channels * Balances Yin-Yang * Grounding * Creates a protective barrier of energies around a person.

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