Ancient Wisdoms



The following has been coming through to me recently to be shared:

Throughout the generations and across many lifetimes and time-lines, many of our present-day beliefs and patterns have been passed down from generation to generation. These have become embedded deep within humanity’s cellular body structures. They have become a way of life with patterns of beliefs not just within our own bodies, but also deeply within cultures, cities and countries. These include religions – all driving the way lives are lived. Most often there are no memories of where or when these ways of living were developed.

NOW is the time for humanity to look deeper into our cultures and the way we live, think and behave. There are histories upon histories that have shaped these beliefs and patterns of behaviour. There are many histories throughout time that were recorded, but possibly mostly according to the beliefs/outcomes of those particular scribes often putting blame and anger onto their rivals so that their own history appeared to be stronger and better. Those histories have most likely shaped much of what we see and understand in today’s world.

These days with new technologies, many histories and lifestyles are being uncovered and unravelled so we can begin to gather new perspectives about how people lived and fought, and their religious beliefs as they may have been in times gone by.

We can ask ourselves why do people of one country fight and seemingly hate their neighbours or peoples of other countries for no apparent reason? The beliefs behind these are most often SO deeply embedded that they lie within their very DNA. It is not just about religion, skin colour or the shape of their eyes, but about histories!

It is the Divine plan that NOW is the time for humanity in earnest to begin putting aside all discrimination against other cultures, religions, peoples and countries, and the beliefs that separate each other from love. We are in the process of creating a New Earth by raising planetary vibrations and expanding Love, and by learning to be in acceptance of our cultural differences – and the honouring of those. So too does all of life residing on, within and around Her soils and waters rise with the Earth.

The Ancient Wisdoms
Knowledge, words and understanding of the Ancients are beginning to be re-birthed on the Earth. There are great numbers of souls who have been reincarnating to assist in bringing the return of Love, harmony and peace to Earth. All aspects of life and the Earth herself are being re-ignited to the original blueprint of Love and Light. All aspects of dense, negative and fear based energies are in the process of being dismantled and dissolved. These shall no longer be accepted within societies of the New Earth. The Ancient energies are coming in to fill the spaces created, and to expand fully throughout the planet. These happenings also affect other planetary systems and dimensions, not just the Earth. The Ancient plan of old is returning. We are all connected regardless of where and how we live.

Those Ancient beings who have returned are many, and are amongst us in many forms scattered around the planet. Spirit informs us that these people were chosen to incarnate at this time as they are the strongest of the strong. This is because of the difficulties in these times involved with the transformation of energies and situations. If you are reading this then you are most likely one of the Ancient ones chosen to hold positive energies and love no matter what situations arise.

These transformations are not only about people being consciously and actively involved in making changes, but also about just BE-ing present with their energies. Positive thoughts, words and intentions have a huge impact on changing the planet. Each person on Earth is part of the whole Earth jigsaw puzzle and each has an important part to play by just being here. Each person is also being urged to delve deep within to release old, stored and pent-up energies from times gone by.

The Divine plan is fully in action. All aspects of life and the Earth herself are to be cleansed and healed of negativity and dense energies. Respect for all life and for the Earth are to be rekindled. Many negative energies stored within the Earth are now being brought to Her surface to be transmuted back into Light and Love. We often experience these by way of earthquakes, major storms, floods, droughts, tornadoes etc. These are all activities that the Earth puts forth to release the pent-up energies.

We are being asked to Trust that there is much cleansing and transmuting being achieved step by step, even though we aren’t able to see all that goes on behind the scenes. When we tune in to the FEELING of the changes, we may be able to sense the beauty of the incoming Ancient energies of Love, Light and stability. Together we are building the New Earth in alignment with the “Garden of Eden” of our imaginings. WE are the change we have been waiting for. Hold your imagination firmly on how you want your future planet and life to look like, and don’t be swayed by everything that’s being presented via the media and other fear based “rabbit holes”.

As individuals we each have a personal Soul Song to re-connect with. This song is your connection to Source from whence you originally came and in this way you are recognised by our Creator, the Masters and Hierarchies of Light. Each country also has its own Soul Song.

I am able to assist you with awakening and cleansing dormant body cells and DNA. This allows for a re-birthing and letting go of any “baggage” of old beliefs and patterns, whilst offering opportunities for taking on new creations and renewed passion.

As we hold hands in acceptance of all our differences, we expand our thinking, our knowledge and understanding of one another. We are all ONE in the Light and Love of our Creator. And so it is!

Soul Healing flower essence offers healing at Soul level from past traumas; as well as with reversing poverty consciousness.

Chilli flower essence offers: Strength of mind; Clarity and serenity; Unlocking & releasing cellular memories; Acceptance of self;
and Merging with your Divine Essence

Magnolia flower essence offers: Accessing your Divine knowledge and wisdom; Clearing and purifying; Angelic presence and Grounding

I can create the perfect flower essence blend for your personal healing journey.

A Sound therapy healing will also assist in releasing old energies and renewing passion and joy in your life.

Sending Rainbow Blessings and Love Light


Ancient Wisdoms - Ancient Wisdoms