Magnolia Flower Essence

(MAGNOLIACEAE dawsoniana)


The Magnolia Flower Essence was prepared with Rose Quartz and Amethyst heart Crystals

Healing Properties
* Accessing your Divine knowledge & wisdom
* Clearing and Purifying
* Angelic Presence
* Grounding

(The Magnolia speaks) “I represent the love that is Divine and pure and the Angels sing their song of love into this essence preparation”

As I toned and sang during the preparation process of the Magnolia Flower Essence the Angels sang through me imbuing the essence with their energies of love. The flowers nodded their approval and blessings whilst the essence was being created.

The Magnolia Flower Essence is for opening the heart to receive the essence of love from the Angelic realms. They sing their praises as we are reminded of the purity from whence we came. Along with the Angelic song that was brought through these beautiful Magnolia flowers, is the joy that Divine Love is.

As the Magnolia Flower Essence is ingested the raising of your vibrational resonance occurs as well as clearing and purifying the cellular system within your body. It offers these energies to bring balance, harmony and peace within. It also brings freshness and cooling to heated or unsettled situations.

The Magnolia Flower Essence allows you to connect with and become a vessel of Divinity, holding these energies whilst remaining grounded with the Earth. The energies of the Divine are Love and All-Knowing and this essence connects you with the guidance and wisdom of your Higher Self and Soul.

The Magnolia species projects an ancient energy which is in alignment with the ancient energies of mankind on this planet Earth. These energies connect you with your own ancient heritage and Divine wisdom.

NOTE: According to Wikipedia, Magnolias are an ancient genus, apparently having evolved before bees appeared. Wikipedia states that the flowers developed a form that encouraged pollination by beetles. To avoid being damaged by these beetles the carpel of the Magnolia flowers became extremely tough. I did not know this as I sat with the tree at the time of preparing the flower essence.

The Doctrine of Signatures: 1) The external pink colour of the flower petals reflects the colour of Love, whilst the internal white colour reflects purity. 2) The central cluster of stamen within the flower appears almost to represent the many lifetimes that have gone before. Within the center of this cluster is held a strong upright core or carpel which reaches straight up towards the Divine as if to leave those past lifetimes behind. 3) The shape of the bud as it begins to open is like a hand with the fingers held together in an upright, closed position. As the flower opens the petals eventually fold back fully. It is as if it has opened fully to the heavens allowing the inner core (of self) to reveal its (your) own true Light.

I am a vessel of Divine Love, Light and Peace
Angelic song pulsates through my Being raising my own vibrational resonance

Rose Quartz: For spiritual attunement to the energy of love * Enhances self-confidence and creativity * Aids in the development of forgiveness, compassion and love.

Amethyst: A stone of “spirituality & contentment” * Clears the aura * stabilises & transmutes any dysfunctional energy located within one’s body * Facilitates transmutation of lower energies into higher frequencies of both the spiritual & ethereal levels * Can be used to protect against psychic attack * Balances energies of intellectual, emotion & physical bodies & provides clear connection between the Earth plane & other worlds * Bestows stability, strength, invigoration & inner peace * Assists in the assimilation of new ideas

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