Courage Remedy



Healing Properties for horses and other pets

This essence helps to promote self confidence in animals that are nervous and insecure. They may be anxious about their relationships with their human caretakers or with other animals they live with.

This blend helps your pets overcome fear and gain confidence, promoting strength and courage.  It is calming and helps easing sensitivity.

I decided to ask Solara to do some healing on our horse Ecka. He had been hurt by a farrier some time ago and he had changed from this incident. He became stand-offish and untrusting.  His body was now more tense than ever. He was still loyal and kind but I knew he needed emotional healing.

Over three days Solara remotely sent a blend of flower essence remedies via radionics, which is a very gentle way of helping the horse release stored emotions from trauma within the mind, body and spirit.

Whilst in the paddock, Ecka began to deeply relax. His muscles softened and his face relaxed. The muscles behind the occiput (the poll) relaxed and he began to be calmer within himself. Whilst handling him now he is more accepting and peaceful. I sense he feels heard and can start a new chapter.

With much appreciation to Solara  (Melissa, Melbourne)

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