Crested Iris Flower Essence

(IRIDACEAE Japonica)


The Crested Iris Flower Essence was prepared with a Blue lace Agate Crystal

Healing Properties
* Easing through life’s challenges
* Acceptance
* Creating from inner wisdom
* Trusting self

(The Crested Iris speaks) Open your heart to the Divine and you will be given love beyond measure

The Crested Iris Flower Essence assists in awakening and accessing the inner wisdom and knowledge that has been gained through the generations. In accessing this inner wisdom it is possible to set aside those niggling doubts and fears related to feelings of low self-worth, of being incapable or not good enough etc. Through your own Divinity you will gain inner strength and courage to choose new directions in your life and to create what really makes your heart sing.

As nations, countries, communities and individuals go through their challenges, there is opportunity for them to learn to forgive, forget and love with compassion so that they may move forward out of the old ways of thinking and of being.

No longer is it necessary to create by projecting into the future or by pushing, pulling or trying to create things from outside of yourself. You will find within yourself all that is needed. It is appropriate to create from within, allowing your own inner wisdom and Divine self to draw situations towards you within the flow of each NOW moment.

Let it be! Let it be! Allowing life to unfold before you and accepting what is presented. For these are the things that your Soul wishes you to work with, to create, or to leave behind so that you may move forward and align with your Soul’s purpose for this lifetime.

The Crested Iris Flower Essence works through the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras, opening for new possibilities and opportunities within yourself.

This flower essence will assist you to “let go, let God” by stepping aside from your “old” mindset of resistance, to embrace an acceptance of things as they are in the world and in your life. It is for accessing your inner wisdom, and letting go of fears relating to feelings of lack, self-worth, or of being incapable or not good enough. Everything and everyone is perfect exactly as they are right now. There are underlying reasons for all situations to be as they are.

The Crested Iris flower essence has a clearing and cleansing action within the immune system, for as it o pens the way for Divine love and your Divinity to “click-in”, old issues from the mental body in the form of energy blocks, may be brought into consciousness so they can be confronted and resolved. You will have the choice of moving through and letting go or holding on in fear. This flower essence will assist in easing the letting go process allowing you to move on.

The Doctrine of Signatures shows the form of the flower being in the power of 3; representing Divine Trinity; self-expression; creativity and choice. The petals are a soft lilac colour with three narrow petals alternating between another three petals with yellow centers. Deeper mauve spots line both sides of the yellow and both these sets of petals curl towards the ground at their tips. The center petals support three yellow stamen, and the center of the flower displays three upright curved petals with fringed tips.

I choose to accept and move through life’s challenges with ease.
I trust my inner wisdom to guide my life in perfection

Blue Lace Agate is for the throat, heart, third-eye and crown chakras. Activating these chakras, it helps one to enter into high-frequency states of awareness. Imparts a sense of strength and courage. Facilitates the ability to discern truth and accept circumstances.

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