Japanese Anemone Flower Essence

(ANEMONE coronaria)


Japanese Anemome Flower Essence was prepared with a Rose Quartz crystal

Healing Properties
* Connecting Heart and * Crown Chakras with your Divine Soul Essence
* At ONEness with All That Is

Japanese Anemone Flower Essence works on the Crown and the Heart chakras. It is for connecting with your Divine guidance from the greater consciousness aspect of who you really are – your God/Goddess essence. It assists in allowing the pure essence of your Soul to shine forth its Divine Light.

This beautiful flower is also known as a Japanese Windflower. There are 3 different coloured varieties of Japanese Anemone, but I was guided to use the pristine white coloured flower.

I saw the Doctrine of Signatures reflected in the bright yellow circle of stamen surrounding the small green heart of the flower similar to the heart chakra within us – which is also often seen as green. The yellow stamen encircling the heart center represents the ego/mind which is usually seen as being yellow. It is as if this circle of yellow is creating a separation between the heart and the Divine Being that you really are – represented by the pristine white of the petals.

As I was receiving the healing properties for this beautiful flower essence I was filled with Divine Love. I was shown the denser physical body being overshadowed by the beautiful (and huge) etheric form of the Divine I AM Presence, the greater consciousness aspect of self.

As you connect with your I AM Presence, an opening of the heart occurs as Divine Love flows through you, expanding your awareness and love of All That Is, of the God essence within yourself, and within all Beings and Life forms that exist on the Earth. As you remember your oneness and connectedness to All That Is you are then able to see that life on Earth is a blessing and the joy of Love will begin to permeate your whole Being and radiate out from you. Your whole perspective of life on Earth will then begin to change.

I AM; I AM all that I AM
I AM One with the infinite mind; One with the source of all life
I AM one with all life forms and they are one with me

Rose Quartz can be used for spiritual attunement to the energy of love * Enhances self-confidence and creativity * Aids in the development of forgiveness, compassion and love.

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