Jasper Crystal Flower Essence


Jasper Crystal Essence was made with Jasper, Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz Crystals
It also includes the energies of a Jasper Crystal Skull

Healing Properties
* Joy of life
* Self-nurturing
* Liberation

Jasper is a happy energy essence. The inclusion of the Crystal Skull energies adds a cheeky joy of life as new positive waves of change unfold, and parts of your personality that may have lain dormant for some time, are liberated. It enhances stamina and the ability to adjust to change.

Jasper Crystal Essence remedy helps awaken to remembering connections to your inner self. It assists with embracing and nurturing an acceptance of who you are, and the love that you are. This is the whole of you which extends beyond this physical existence. It is the Purity and Truth of you as an Earth Angel experiencing life in physicality.

This Crystal Essence remedy encourages opening of the heart in connecting with others, offering you and your fellow travellers joy and lightness that radiates out from you. As these energies of Love, Joy and Light ripple out around you, so too do they ripple further afield from one to another, thus nurturing and embracing many along the way. These aspects are supported by the Rose Quartz Crystal in love, and are amplified by the Clear Quartz Crystal within this remedy.

Jasper Crystal Essence’s energies are tranquil and this essence then enhances one’s ability to relax as it nurtures, protects and offers a balancing of yin and yang energies.

This essence remedy assists with attuning to and communicating with animals, and helps those who have been isolated from the beauty of nature to reconnect. It can also assist with easing allergies.

I am filled with the joy of life as I am liberated by waves of change within and around me
I embrace my inner light, love and joy allowing it ripple out to others around me

Jasper is a happy stone * Tranquility and wholeness during times of stress * Nurturing * Stability and balance * Revealing hidden grief, fears & thoughts * Stimulates the earth chakra

Clear Quartz is an emotional balancer * Stimulates brain functions and amplifies thought forms * Receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy * Enhances inter-dimensional communication and communication with Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

Rose Quartz can be used for spiritual attunement to the energy of love * It enhances self-confidence and creativity * Aids in the development of forgiveness, compassion and love.

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