Tiger Lily Flower Essence

(Lilium leichtlinnii)


This flower essence was prepared with a Clear Quartz

Healing Properties
* Self-protective boundaries
* Acceptance of new ideas and concepts
* Emotional release

The Tiger Lily Flower Essence is for breaking away from old beliefs and patterns that have been passed down through the generations. It is as if there is a peeling away of layers of these beliefs and patterns that limit your thinking and ability to move on, allowing you to accept a broader range of new concepts and possibilities.

The Doctrine of Signatures shows the six petals rolling back, as if peeling away layers of old, outmoded beliefs. The stamen are long, reaching up out of the flower as if reaching for new realms of knowledge and understanding.

The Tiger Lily Flower Essence was made from orange flowers, the colour of the Sacral Chakra, from which creative energy is produced to help form new ideas and beginnings. Tiger Lily flower essence can enhance the function of the liver as releasing of emotions occurs.

Tiger Lily flower essence is also for assistance in connecting with your own inner strength to set boundaries for self-protection – physically and mentally, and to stand firm and strong within these boundaries. Communication with your Inner Wisdom and guidance can be enhanced with this essence.

My vision and creativity are limitless
I stand firm within my boundaries of self-protection

Clear Quartz – is an emotional balancer * Stimulates brain functions & amplifies thought forms. Receives, activates, stores, transmits & amplifies energy * Enhances inter-dimensional communication & communication with Higher Self & Spirit Guides.

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