Mountain Devil

(Lambertia formosa)


An Australian Native Flower

This essence was prepared with a Malachite crystal


* Freedom from your hidden emotions

* Trusting your intuitive instincts


Trusting one’s intuitive instincts is a quality we are born with, yet over centuries of time these inherent qualities have tended to be pushed aside. Societies in general have created expectations from us and these have been taking precedence – our intuitive guidance, knowledge and wisdom often being pushed aside so we can continue to fit into society’s expectations. But society’s expectations of us are not always what our inner being wants of us. We may get a sense of this sometimes with feelings of discomfort, but there is a tendency to quickly set those feelings aside in order to conform.

The leaves of the Mountain Devil shrub are long and narrow with spiky points, the Doctrine of Signatures of which relates to those spiky emotional outbursts of anger, resentment etc. that may arise after long periods of having held them within. The honey-filled red flowers are formed in clusters of 7 reflecting the sweetness and beauty of your inner spiritual being. The number 7 in numerology is a spiritual number representing the seeking of truth, knowledge and wisdom of who you really are – attributes that this essence offers in retrieving the use of your intuitive guidance.

Thus over time people tend to have gathered a storage of in-built frustrations that lie beneath the surface of our emotional subconscious. These frustrations will most often be triggered by those closest to us or those we work or socialise with. These triggers however, may not have any apparent relationship with what the true underlying feelings relate to; those that we may be unaware of at the time. Beneath the surface of our conscious mind there may lie strong or painful emotions from past experiences hidden within our cellular structure. Emotions from past incidents of words spoken or of actions may arise as anger, resentment or hatred at any given time when triggered by related feelings or incidents.

The Mountain Devil essence has the ability to assist you in allowing those painful emotions to gently ease. It is most important to learn to forgive and love yourself first and foremost, as you play a part in all interactions and situations within your life no matter how your perception holds an incident to be. From there on it becomes easier to forgive, love and trust others.

This essence offers you a sense of freedom as you begin to let go of those underlying unwanted emotions – invoking a sense of pent-up steam being allowed to release. You will gain new perspectives regarding situations that previously may have irked you in some way. This essence inspires acceptance of others as well as situations, and then forgiveness can also begin to take place. Love is the answer to all situations as it heals the body, mind and soul. We were born of love and therefore live to love. To be truly loved and to joyfully be the giver of true love is to be content. It is what we seek most in life.

The seed pod that forms once the flower has finished is hard and woody and has 2 prominent horns which resembles our human perception of a devil; hence the name given to this plant. The Doctrine of Signatures relating to this could be seen as the devil within (those unwanted emotions).

Some of these emotions that are invoked through working with the Mountain Devil essence can be very powerful. Sadness lies beneath the surface of anger and resentment and may at times feel overwhelming. Flower Essences are however, self-adjusting and generally release only those aspects that you are able to cope with. If however, you find that you are feeling overwhelmed it may be appropriate to reduce the dosage by taking them initially on alternate days. Taking Calming Essence on the days in between could also be helpful in these situations.

It is recommended that any arising anger be dealt with safely, releasing it in such ways as strong exercising like running or digging into the earth, or by punching into pillows. You may even like to scream in a safe space away from disturbing others. Releasing pent-up energies in ways such as this can be very helpful rather than aiming it at loved ones.

The positive attributes of this essence therefore are that your life will begin to sweeten as those “devils” within are relinquished. You will begin to accept your world and fellow travellers with more love, trusting that their journeys are perfect for them, just as yours are for you. We as humans all make mistakes on our journeys of experience, and life is too precious to hold on to sadness and resentments. LOVE, LIVE AND ENJOY!


I trust my inner wisdom to guide me in all situations

release all inner emotions that are not of love

I am accepting and forgiving in all situations now and always

Malachite – Is a “Stone of transformation”, assisting in situations of change and for the transfer of sacred information leading to spiritual evolution * Assists in clearing & activating all chakras as well as stimulating the heart & throat chakras * Clarifying emotions & the cause of specific conditions such as disorders of body, mind & spirit * Releasing unconscious negative experiences * Stimulates instinctive & intuitive reasoning * Represents fidelity in love & friendship; loyalty in partnerships; practicality & responsibility in business transactions



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